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Okay. It’s Sunday.  Kind of.  I guess.  Technically.  Right…

Anyway.  Saturday was an interesting mix.  I’m kind of tired so we’re going to see how this goes.

I took that nap yesterday.  I woke up at 1 AM, and I watched some TV (more than I have watched in a good while).  Then after chatting with my suitemate, I called it a night again around… well around now(6AM).  And then I slept until 2.  I woke up, and I made a list of everything that I need to do.    I’ve managed to cross off 2 of those things, but I also started several others, and accomplished things not listed.

I did some homework (on the lists).  Then I had dinner with my dad (not on the lists).  Then I went to see a play (also not on the lists).  After the play, I went grocery/life shopping with the playwright (on the lists).  Then I went out (not on the lists).

Needless to say, I need to accomplish most of the list tomorrow.  But knowing what I need to do, is half the battle, and several things on the list are things that will naturally take more than tomorrow to accomplish, so it’s not a super huge concern.

Okay.  So while it was fun to talk about my day, what I really want to address, is the inane ways that I manage to injure myself.  What happened you might ask?  Well that is a really good question.  And I wish that I could answer it.  All that I really know is for some reason, I have a huge bruise on my left shoulder, and my left hand is a big pansy right now.  Simply meaning that anything I try to do with it makes it complain.  And I’m not a fan of it complaining.  There are certain things that don’t bother it, typing, doing push-ups, gesticulating.  However other things, that seem like they could just as easily fit into those categories makes it feel like it’s going to fall off. It’s really super unfortunate.

I would really appreciate knowing how I acquired these injuries, and how I can get rid of them.  If you could see my shoulder you would think I was in an abusive relationship.  I don’t think I am though.  Which is to say, last I checked, I wasn’t in a relationship at all.

(I’ll address that briefly, if anyone is actually reading this.  All of it that is, implying the things underneath this, then you know at some point recently I was in one, it was not abusive, however, at least not in a physical sense.  Anyway, I went to India over the summer with my school, and while there, getting my spotty internet usage, I log onto Facebook one day, and am informed that I am no longer in a relationship.  There was a message to go with it.  It was 3 sentences long.  That’s really all I have to say about that.)

So. In conclusion.  I would like my shoulder not to look like it belongs to pre-crack Whitney.  Is that wrong of me?  I’m tired.

Is This College?

I feel like something happened today.  Did it?  No.  Do I feel like something did?  Yes.


I woke up in time for lunch.  Went to the bank.  Visited.  Got some money.  Came back.  Went to work.  And now I’m here.  And I want to go to bed.

It’s hardly 7.  And yet here I am.  Wanting to sleep.

I at least feel accomplished, because while at work, I hand wrote out an outline, and roughly just over the first page of a four to five-page paper I have due on Monday. It was a surprisingly good feeling.  And I’d imagine I will feel even better about it come Sunday, when I have such a great start to my paper.

At this point, I can see if my father perhaps wants to go out to dinner.  I can get some food. Maybe some money.  Or I can take a nap.

I really don’t know why I want a nap.  But I do.  How hungry am I really?  Is the question in this situation.  And I don’t think I’m very.  I don’t know. I could be wrong.  But that’s how I feel. I may take this nap, and wake up in an hour or two, kicking myself.

Oh.  On a brighter note.  I won.

I didn’t mention this yesterday, but I was in a small battle with an insurance company.

Someone hit my car at the beginning of the semester, and I had to put it in the shop, so of course their insurance covered the rental.  The rental was good until the car was ready.  The car was ready Tuesday, but nobody contacted me.  They made one failed attempt and tried to call it good.  At which point the insurance company, said, “Not paying for the rental after today.”  Much to my chagrin.

I found out yesterday that this was going on when the rental car company called to inform me that if I didn’t return the car then that my $75 deposit that I was expecting back, was going to run out.  So after picking up my car, and yelling at one person at the insurance company, I calmed from my rage, called back and rationally spoke it out with a lovely lady who was in Tampa (i.e. nowhere(small tangent, can we discuss the word nowhere.  For some reason, no matter how many times I see it, I want to read it as now here, as opposed to no where.  I don’t know why.  That’s all I wanted to say) near me).  She called me back today to inform me that the company would be sending me a check with the reimbursement for the money that I had lost.  I wanted to ask for compensation for the grief, but this lady had been too nice about it.  So that was exciting, and made me feel good.

Also, right now, intermittently while writing this, I was overcome with the urge today to combine Already Gone by Kelly Clarkson, and Halo by Beyoncé, since they use the same back-track.  I really wanted to find someway to do something cool with them, because if you line them up you get the same music with the extra instrument added to make each song different. I don’t know what I want to do yet, and it doesn’t help that Beyoncé went and made her song shorter. I need her to go back in and record an extra verse or something, so that the two songs are the same length.

Also, lastly, I think, I went into my closet today, and took out clothes that I don’t wear anymore.  I’ll probably get rid of them, but I wanted to make sure that there was a reason that I don’t wear them anymore (i.e. I left the flannel shirt(don’t judge, flannel was in last year) I haven’t worn since March, but took out short-sleeved shirt’s that I haven’t worn since Spring 2009).  As a result of this, I went through like 3, maybe 4 wardrobe changes today.  And I slowly began realizing why each of the things I had taken out was a bad idea.  I’m really not sure why I buy clothes that don’t fit right from the beginning because it just makes it more likely that they won’t fit right later on.

Okay.  I think I’m done for now.  I’m probably going to take a nap.