I have my first final tomorrow morning at 8 am.

Approximately less than 8 hours from now.

Roommate of “I think there was this time once…” is finishing up moving.  Had to loan out the car while I was at work to allow for ease of access during this process, which is a little bit upsetting.

More upsetting however is the level of how oblivious I was to everything that had happened in my classes to this point. I thought I knew most of the stuff.  I was blithely unaware of the level of stuff that I didn’t know.  I’m sure come Wednesday at 7, I will feel more upset about roommates move.  However, current actual roommate is supposed to move out Wednesday leaving me the room all to myself, as I think I’ll be here over the summer.  In this exact room.  Which might make Wednesday, slightly more exciting.

On a more upbeat note, Boyfriend texted me not very long ago wishing me good luck this week. I think he felt like I would be asleep, and it would be a nice surprise for in the morning, however he is even more unaware of the level of stuff that I didn’t know.  And I wanted to see a movie tonight.  Good thing that fell through.  But he and I have not been talking much this past week, between me putting off studying for finals, and all his projects due next week before has to being putting off studying for finals.

So, I was going to post something yesterday, but that just didn’t happen.  I feel like yesterday needs to be discussed though.

There a party/benefit last night.

It was Massive.  (With a capital M, clearly)

And then the after party at the club. I moved and made it inside quickly but there was a lengthy line, and then apparently (from what I understand) the cops showed up and told a bunch of people behind me they had to go home.  However, one thing that I realized last night is that, the level of scare discussed from the aforementioned post should be easily dismissed (granted I don’t want to eat my words).  You know when you get comfortable in a relationship and you gain a little weight.  You’re clothes fit a little more snug-ly than they did beforehand, not necessarily enough to require a new wardrobe, but just something noticeable, that should you suddenly be thrust back into the dating world you would need time to feel comfortable, or return to your normal self from.  Well I realized last night after being coerced into this party that the depression brought about by this fear, has my clothes fitting potentially looser than they fit before I started this relationship. Or at least as loose as they did beforehand. I couldn’t help but look at myself in the mirror from time to time as this realization came over me.  It made me feel more confident, and perhaps less like I need Boyfriend.  Granted, I am the nesting type, so it’s not to say that I don’t want or need a boyfriend, just that I maybe don’t need this particular one if he doesn’t need me.

As a result of this new-found confidence.   I felt like the evening was rather successful, I re-connected with old friends, and even made a few new ones.  Both male and female.  Granted, I feel like, by the end of the night, the male ones were the ones I was more interested in acquiring.

I’m not one to be shifty in a relationship, so I also took great care to make sure to avoid letting anything happen (a lack of funds for alcohol helped keep this particularly in check). But it didn’t keep me from walking away with the memory of being told (by a guy that I went on a few dates with not long before Boyfriend entered) that he didn’t think I needed to be with Boyfriend if that was the way that he was going to act because I was too perfect for such treatment.  Which was definitely a major highlight because this guy only got dropped because he had to leave for a few months to take care of an ailing and then dying grandfather, during which time Boyfriend appeared.

So, my weekend consisted of a fair amount of work (the money-making kind, not the better grade having kind), a little bit of awesome partying (I made it home around 4 in the AM), and lastly (although it shouldn’t be) a little bit of studying.

So here’s the breakdown:

Tomorrow (Monday, aka, today), I have 2 finals.  1 at 8am in stats, and another at 4 in my learning and memory class.

Tuesday, I have 1 final in my Latin (ewww) class at 8am.

Wednesday, I have 1 final in my Modern Dance class at 4pm.

It seem as though it would be logical if the 3 more important finals were not all right next to each other, time wise, but that is the way that my life works.  However on the bright side, the fact that I don’t know my dance at all currently shouldn’t hurt me come Wednesday when I have to perform it in front of the whole class (I may come up with an excuse of a Dr. appointment or something at 4:30 so I can go first, and then leave and throw up immediately after, not that I have a great deal of stage fright, it just helps to know what it is that I’m performing).

Also can we discuss my bodies incapability to become fully rested? I slept until 2 today before jumping out of bed to get ready for work.  I have to catch up on sleep some time, I tend to get copious amounts over the weekends, I can’t be that far behind.

Back to studying for now. I’m sure Latin will get pushed aside tomorrow night for some other tale that I need to regale.

Blerg… Studying.